For me, painting is essentially an abstract experience translating absence into presence through drawing, surface and the language of marks. These paintings describe, respond to, make sense of, possess, express, and enjoy the physicality of the world.  In recent work I have utilized the image of my dogs and cats as they are beloved to me and provide a vehicle for contemplating mortality and ecstatic form.  The image also provides a form for working out the challenges of combining a reductive sensibility with illusion.

Utilizing images of vulnerability coupled with exacting pictorial organization I work towards a tangible tactility, feeling out the surface, creating with paint the visual experience of physical presence. These works are coolly and meticulously constructed pictures of un-cool, domesticated subject matter.  The relationship between the body and the physicality of a painting as well as the relationship between complex visual activity and the experience of silence occurring on the receptive surface of canvas is endlessly engaging.